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The SPETS is an online system of capturing the record and performance of students in public schools which would enable all the stakeholders, i.e. teachers, parents and the School Education Department, to keep a track on every individual student in real time with the ultimate aim of taking corrective actions where required. The data generated/recorded by virtue of the SPETS would be second only to the database of NADRA in term of its size.


  • A unique ID number would be issued to every individual student. His record as well as performance would be fed, maintained and updated against this ID. Logins would be provided to the teachers, officials of the School Education Department as well as the parents.
  • All relevant details comprising not only related to the students but also his family members such as academic, professional and financial details of parents and siblings would be fed in the system which would help teachers see the students in totality. Instead of following a one-size fits all kind of approach, solutions would therefore be provided for every individual child as per his exclusive circumstances and requirements.
  • Every teacher would be required to provide feedback on every student regarding his subject, with particular focus on the strengths and weaknesses in the given subject, and then update the same in 3 months’ time thus enabling his supervisors, and all those interested, to see what improvement, if any, the teacher had been able to bring about in the student. For instance, if Urdu teacher says the handwriting of the student is not good, he would have to work on improving the handwriting and then provide an update on it after regular intervals.
  • Introductory videos as well hands-on trainings are being arranged for the teachers on SPETS usage. However, it may be clarified here that only basic knowledge of computer would be required by the teachers for the purpose of accessing and filling in details in SPETS. Also, giving brief feedback on each student once in 3 months (90 days) is no big deal. Finally, using SPETS would enhance the computer proficiency of our teachers, which is an essential requirement of era of the Information Technology today.
  • SPETS is also available/accessible on mobile phones.
  • Results for the monthly assessments, December tests, and annual exams etc would also be fed in the system for ready reference as well as to avoid any concealment on the part of student.
  • The SPETS would also capture general details on the behaviour of the students too such as attendance, discipline, punctuality, cleanliness, and personal hygiene etc. And since the parents could also access the system, they would be able to see how their kids were faring in schools on these counts too.
  • The interest, performance and proficiency level of students in co-curricular activities, including sports, would also be fed in the SPETS. Besides other benefits, it would provide readily available details of athletes/players/sportsmen of different games in the province, which could be used by sports bodies as well as relevant departments/entities for their purposes.
  • Another hallmark of SPETS is that it would also capture details as to every student’s physical and mental health as well as general well-being so that symptoms are picked up in time for subsequent treatment to avoid lifelong In order to make it even more useful, it is being linked with the data of School HealthNutrition Supervisor of Health Department too so that a referral to an appropriate medical facility could also be generated.
  • The details regarding Parents–Teachers meetings would also be uploaded on the system for record purposes.
  • As stated above, logins would be provided to parents too so that they could check, and keep a track on, any or every aspect of their children’s academic performance and general behaviour for possible intervention as and when required.
  • The SPETS would also establish two-way communication between the teachers and parents as it also has a provision of exchange messages online.


  • The pilot project was launched in March this year at Government Comprehensive Boys Higher Secondary School, Multan, and after successful testing it was extended to other public schools.
  • Initially the SPETS is capturing the data of students of class 6-10. However, at later stages it would be extended to junior classes too.
  • As yet, data of 5,68,986 out of 1,086,134 students (52.38%) has already been captured. Now, starting from Lahore, it is being extended to rest of Punjab too. The total number of class 6-10 enrolments in entire Punjab is 4,293,753.
  • Needless to mention here, it took hard work of many months by our IT experts to develop this software. However, it has been developed in the larger interest of the society and therefore can be provided to other public sector as well as private schools on demand for possible adoption. After all, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.